How to say goodnight in french?

How to say goodnight in french?

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The standard way to say “goodnight” in French is “bonne nuit,” but there are multiple ways you can express that sentiment. Here are a few you might want to try. Things You Should Know Say bonne nuit when you’re ready to retire for the evening or before going to sleep. Greet someone at night with bonsoir, which means “good night” or “good evening.” –

3 – Have a Good Night in French = Bonne Soirée When wishing someone a good night as a pleasant evening, you should say “ Bonne soirée “. “Une soirée” is an evening span. You could say: Bonne soirée Have a good evening Passe/ passez une bonne soirée Have a good evening Je te/vous souhaite une bonne soirée Literally, I wish you to have a good evening –

Bonsoir – Goodnight as a Greeting in French Bonsoir is how you would greet someone in the evening; it is used instead of saying bonjour. The word generally means “good evening,” and is used instead of wishing someone a “good night,” or bonne nuit in French. Bonsoir can also be used when you are saying hello or goodbye to someone in the evening.

The standard Good Night in French In French, you say Bonne Nuit when you want to wish someone a good night. Bonne Nuit translates to “good night” in English and the simplest, most basic evening farewell that anyone can say to anyone. However, don’t mix it up with the phrase Bonne soirée (Good evening).

How to say good night in French French Translation bonne nuit More French words for good night bonne soirée good night Find more words! good night See Also in English have a good night bonne nuit have good night bonne nuit night noun nuit, obscurité, ténèbres good noun, adjective, adverb bien, bon, beau, agréable, grand See Also in French nuit noun

Have a Good Night in French: Bonne nuit — Image by StockSnap from Pixabay Dors bien This phrase can be both a greeting and a response. This means “ sleep well ” and is a casual way to wish someone a good night and/or sleep. Demain “ Demain ” means “ until tomorrow ”.

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